The Hidden Fundamentals Seminar
The ONLY Seminar You EVER Need To Take Your
 OFFENSE In Guard, Cross-Side (Side Control) &
 Mount To The NEXT Level
“If You Can Dominate From JUST These Three Positions
EVERYBODY (Even The Black Belts) Will Consider You a REAL Handful…
In This Seminar Henry Shows You EXACTLY That.”
-Scotty Nelson
  • Learn how to become virtually UNSUBMITTABLE inside your opponents closed guard
  • How to simultanously RELAX & CRUSH your opponent when you get to cross-side (side control)
  • Discover the simple MOUNT adjustment to make so its virtually IMPOSSIBLE for your opponent to roll you off
  • See the ONE thing you can do when stuck in your opponents closed guard that ACTUALLY makes it 100x easier to PASS!
  • The TRUTH about cross-side (side control) and why that typical squeezing “head & arm” control is flat out SILLY
  • One little “trick” that makes your mount virtually inescapable… (*hint*- its all about the knees)
  • The one movement to use when you’re stuck in someones closed guard…. You’ve NEVER been taught this… GUARANTEED
  • How to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you never get put back in guard (or half guard) once you reach cross-side (side control)
Henry Akins’s Fundamentals Seminar
 For Only $29
Hidden Jiu-Jitsu - 2018 - The Fundamentals Seminar