Henry Akins' Hidden Jiu Jitsu
Mind Blown Club
Where Black Belts Come To Get Their Jiu Jitsu Minds Blown
Each month I will share with my Mind Blowing seminars followed up with a monthly Live Q&A to make sure you totally understand each topic.....I personally guaranty that you will be Mind Blown over the next year. If you are not 100% satisfied at any time I will refund your money. No hassles just email me.
– Henry Akins
Hidden Jiu Jitsu Online Courses
Open Guard Defense
Want An Open Guard That Is Virtually Impenetrable?
Even to Foot Locks?
YES Foot Locks!
Inside Closed
Next Time Someone Tries To Put YOU In Their Closed Guard… Make Them REGRET IT!
Half Guard
Top & Bottom
What if just 2 body parts determined the winner of EVERY Half Guard Battle?  You better know which 2
Cross Side Escapes
This will be the LAST side control escape instruction you’ll EVER need….
Mount Attacks
Want To Know Why Not Even ONE Of Your Training Partners Are Afraid Of Your Mount? You're MISSING this  part.
Want To Know How To Make Your Training Partners And Opponents AFRAID To Mount You & Put You On Bottom?
Cross Side
Ever get to Side Control but feel like going for the FINISH will jeopardize your control of the position?
Stuck Holding On?
Cross Side Control
Want to start embarrassing opponents & making them simply tap to your insanely heavy Cross Side pressure?
Even if you're a Lil Guy
Closed Guard Attacks
How To NEVER Be Controlled By Someones Grips & Posture While They’re In YOUR Closed Guard!
Fundamentals Seminar
The ONLY Seminar You EVER Need To Take Your OFFENSE In Guard, Cross-Side (Side Control) & Mount To The NEXT Level

Ever get to The Back and BOTH your hands are occupied controlling your opponent so you can’t attack a submission?
Ultimate Arm Lock Escapes
What if you could escape any Arm Lock you ever encountered, any position
and it felt effortless?

Every Hidden Detail You Need To Know To Dominate The Turtle Position From The Top Or Bottom
How to NOT just knock your opponent over but GUARANTEE you  finish every sweep with you firmly in control on TOP
“Flow With The Go”
The REAL Truth Behind Rickson’s Superior Physical Movement & Jiu Jitsu Based Fighting Skills
How to quickly master the least understood, yet most powerful position in grappling and Jiu Jitsu.... The SOUL STEALER!
Choke Escapes
Here’s why my Ultimate Chokes Escapes Course is the fastest way you can become invincible to submissions
Guard Passing
How to Pass any guard with out memorizing a thousand different techniques! 
The Avalanche Pass.

Vale Tudo
How to dominate with STRIKES.
The Forgotten Vale Tudo techniques of Jiu-Jitsu, that allow you to control & predict any fight.
"If you would like to learn to use strikes to 10x the effectiveness of your Jiu-Jitsu, FORCE your opponents to give you the reactions you need to make your submissions easy, and learn to become invincible to strikes yourself, then you need to see these videos now."
White to Blue Belt
The Advanced Basics for your Foundation of Jiu Jitsu
If you'd like such solid fundamentals, you make Black belts feel like White belts, then you need to start with Henry Akins' White to Blue Belt program.

Here's why: This program lays the foundation to execute the fundamental techniques of Jiu-Jitsu with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, against the highest levels of skill.

By week 58, you will have a deep understanding of the hidden forces - like connection and weight distribution - that allow the masters of Jiu-Jitsu to completely dominate the competition with "White Belt" techniques.
Costa Rica
Sub & Surf 2016
The Jiu-Jitsu camp that shocked the world - can Jiu-Jitsu really be this effective, finishing fights from the feet? After diffusing 100s of situations as a Hollywood bouncer, Henry says emphatically, "Yes!".

these videos, you will learn secrets of standing and moving in base that will make it difficult even for seasoned wrestlers and Judo players to take you down. Plus: how to stay safe from strikes, and how to finish the fight - fast- without going to the ground - with techniques that work even against the highest level grapplers.
Bali Camp
Sub & Surf 2017
Finally, LIVE from Bali, Indonesia, Henry Akins reveals some of the most closely guarded secrets of Hidden Jiu-Jitsu!

PLUS: 10 Brand New Videos of Henry rolling with students, narrating and breaking down step-by-step, how to use these Hidden Jiu-Jitsu techniques in action!"
Costa Rica
Deep Diving!
For the first time in 24 years, Henry Akins reveals his exact learning process, that took him from science nerd from Oklahoma, to one of Rickson Gracie's fastest black belts, known as "The Jiu-Jitsu Supercomputer".

At this camp, Henry took everything he's learned over his entire Jiu-Jitsu journey, and laser-focused each 4-hour training session for maximum learning and skill development. This is so much more than just more details - and there are enough of those to keep you busy for the next couple years. Once you have this footage, you will have everything you need to become your own teacher - and develop high-level skill in half the time!
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