Henry Akins' Hidden Jiu Jitsu "A Years Improvement In A Week" Camp
Only 6 Spots Left At My
NYE In Thailand Camp!
And...Time Is Running Out
You Will Regret Missing This Camp!
After You Go! Your Sparing Partners will Regret You Went!

December 29, 2019 - Jan 4th 
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, Phuket

Start Your Year Of With ACCELERATED Learning You Can Build Off All Year Long!

"If you want to make a years worth of progress in just a weeks worth of time? I am inviting you to come on an exiting adventure and have an incredible time with me in Thailand for New Years Eve! 

During this week I will be able to pin points were are all of your strengths and weaknesses are. We will build on your strengths to make you better at what you already do. Then we will patch up the weaknesses so by the end of the week your Jiu Jitsu is on a Whole NOTHER Level.

I personally guaranty it."    - Henry Akins

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