Henry Akins' Sub and Surf Camp 2016
What Makes Rickson Gracie’s Jiu Jitsu SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT & SO GOOD?
Why Am I CERTAIN That (In His Prime)…
There’s NOT ONE World Class Black Belt Today Who Could Even Carry His Water?
Simple… Its The INVISIBLE DETAILS Not 1 in 1000 Black Belts
Can SEE… This ONE Point Is By Far The Most Important Thing He Taught Me In Over 15 Years Of Studying With Him
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These ‘invisible details’ in their game?
  • Too Much Grips and Athleticism In Your Jiu Jitsu?  No Problem. Learn The Kind Of Jiu Jitsu That Works Equally As Well On The Mat and In The Street… 
  • Is Your Stand Up So Pathetic That You Have To Pull Guard?  No Problem Learn the 5 principles of Jiu jitsu Combat Base for stand up (not surprisingly these 5 principles are identical when the fight hits the ground as well)  
  • Do Bigger, Faster, Stronger, or Younger Opponents Make You Nervous Or Pose Problems You Have Trouble Solving?  No Problem. Learn Rickson’s thought process on how to turn their strengths against them and make your weakness your strength 
  • Are You Thinking You Need To “Get Stronger”? Think again. That’s the LAST thing you need. Getting stronger will make your Jiu Jitsu WORSE… Guaranteed. Learn the secrets to sensitivity and timing that virtually NOBODY is taught. 

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Justin – Black Belt – “For me being a Black belt I’m not really interested in learning a lot of new techniques. I have had hundreds and hundreds of techniques that I have learned, so adding a new technique is like adding a pebble of sand on the beach. So for me, if I can get a new concept or a new way of seeing a whole broad range of techniques, then that’s super valuable for me. I came here to train with Henry, to get some of those concepts where I can here like one sentence that makes me think about things in a different way, see things in a different way and just kind of be able to take that and apply that to all my different Jiu-Jitsu.”
Chris – Brown Belt “Henry’s Jit Jitsu is just on a another level. Not Just the techniques but his ability to transmit information that’s in his head to you that you can implement in your game is unparalleled. I’ve never experienced it anywhere else.”
Adrian – Purple Belt 
– “Every time he puts his hands on you it feels like a 10000 pound pillow squashing you down. I really love his style and how he taught me”
Mike – Blue Belt em>“I came here because I went to one of Henry’s seminars and I have actually had a chance to train at Dyanmix before….And, every time I get to walk away with new Light Bulbs going off. Getting to have a whole week with Henry Akins was like a marque of opening up new things to be able to take home. Be able to take to competitions and even everything in my day to day life. Henry contributes so much to Jiu Jitsu. Bringing us back to Self Defense but also in all these other instances we use training everyday. Amazing person.”
Amanda – White Belt 
– “Henry I learned a lot from him, I learned a lot from his style. He really kind of changed the way I think about Jiu- Jitsu and changed the way that I am practicing Jiu-Jitsu now.”
My goal and intention for my 2016 Sub & Surf 2016 training camp was to instill in the participants the idea that Jiu-Jitsu was created as a martial art for fighting, an art that when practiced with the right intention, philosophy and concepts can allow smaller individuals to overcome larger individuals.
Because of that I chose to focus the first 2 days on the stand up techniques of Jiu-Jitsu 
because almost all confrontations will start from the feet and of course our knowledge of Jiu-
Jitsu has to start from there. For safety many schools always start from the knees and this 
has left a gaping hole in many people’s Jiu Jitsu skills. I agree with safety but training Jiu 
Jitsu as a Martial Arts means being safe in any confrontation, including from your feet.
This is a lost aspect that used to be a major part of Gracie Jiu JitsuI also wanted to show and explain the concepts of the open guard for fighting. Jiu Jitsu is the only Martial Art that uses 
the guard.
So it is very important how to manage distance and understand the elements an opponent 
needs to pass or hurt you and how to take those elements away. 
I also wanted to focus on a position we rarely see being taught in jiu-jitsu but can be devastatingly effective, the Scarf Hold.
By using this position I also show how to properly use weight distribution and the effects it 
can have on an opponent forcing them to make mistakes like tap out or give up positions or 
limbs they normally would not.  
Throughout the camp we talked about the ideas on why Jiu-Jitsu is the most effective art for 
self-defense and explained the concepts and theory of each position and how to train it with 
these ideas in mind.
Jiu Jitsu should be simple.
If you complicate it then stuff doesn’t work. It’s not effective.
Look forward to passing on the amazing knowledge I have learned. 
And, taking your Jiu Jitsu to a new MIND BLOWING Level.
Jordan – Purple Belt – “Henry has completely made me rethink my game. And to not over complicate my approach to it, but made me simplify it….Henrys approach was getting to the fundamentals, make it simple and I just realized for 4 years I have been masking with athleticism and scrambling. Now I’m ready to emphasize the fundamentals of this sport that I really kind of
neglected for a while.“
Guillaume –
Brown Belt –“Henry just puts a microscope on every little position and just goes for the tiny adjustments to work on to get the positions. The way he moves reminds me very much of Rickson.”
Max – Purple Belt – “I’m going back home with a deeper knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu and surf so I’m happy.”
Ed – BrownBelt – “We got to really pick his brain and learn very minute details about the positions he is showing. Also, being able to understand Henry’s philosophy and sit down and talk with him like we did and understand where he came from and how his training happened and what his views on teach and instruction are as I am now starting to try to become an instructor myself.“
Steve – Purple Belt – “Henry just
exposes your game you know what, youthink you’re confident, you think feel good about the stuff you have learnt and he just makes you really realize that your an infant in this game, there’s just so much to know and conceptually he is just so far past anyone that I have
trained with.“
David – White Belt – “The training with Henry its been amazing and I am going to have a much different perspective than like most of the guys here are purples much browns and blacks. The concepts Henry was teaching a lot like more Jiu-Jitsu from self-defense perspective and also reiterating the fundamentals were really important. What’s definitely help with me as the White Belt and I felt like I came away with a lot of brand new information.”
Paul – PurpleBelt – “Henry was teaching a specific technique he was teaching concepts so I was able to reuse everything that he taught me in different contexts, so its a little bit abstract a little bit you know concrete technique, but all of it gets used all the time. He taught me about posture inside the card and I spent the next year doing nothing but that to everybody and its effective, its simple, its
effective. “
What Would Rickson Do In A Street Fight?
I Always Wondered Why Rickson Sometimes Called it STREET
 Defense and NOT Always Self-Defense Like Everyone Else.
But after Rickson Gracie recounts the virtually unknown details about some of his epic street and
beach fights… “STREET” Defense started to make sense. But my REAL understanding of Ricksons
STREET mindset didn’t sink in until he showed it to me first hand.
His Street Defense was NOT developed on a mat or in an academy or by training for tournaments.  
It stems directly from years of Life or Death Street fighting in Brazil. And, just like a PLASTIC spoon
is STILL a spoon… its not the same thing as a spoon made of STAINLESS STEEL.
Rickson’s concepts & techniques are a RADICAL DEPARTURE of what people call or teach when it
comes to Self Defense.  
When I attended Rickson’s Black Belt only JJGF Self Defense certification seminar. Rickson taught
over 100 Street Defense
techniques with many details that none of the other Black Belts had ever seen.
Have you ever played that kids game called “telephone” where a line of kids passes a secret message one kid to another on down the line. And, the last kid in line ends up with a “new” secret message that has NOTHING to do with the message that started the game. 
Street Defense instruction is a lot like that. As the information gets passed down the details and  
nuances that make the techniques SO EFFECTIVE get lost.
Street Defense Jiu Jitsu developed from Rickson & his family is the core of where all Vale Tudo,  
MMA, and Sport Jiu Jitsu emanates from.
I’m writing you today to share with you the way Rickson him self
taught me to train Jiu Jitsu.
If we were playing the “telephone” game… I’m the 2nd kid in the line, Rickson is 1st, you’re the 3rd.
This isn’t the watered down version you heard about from the 40th kid in the line. And, most
importantly whether you’re fighting in a Gi, No Gi or Street Defense scenario… these principles &
concepts WIN you the fight. 
What’s the #1 criticism of Jiu Jitsu as a tool for “self” defense?
“There are lots of self defense situations you do NOT want to go to the ground. So Jiu Jitsu is limited in its self defense application.” 
I’m calling BULLSHIT on that.
After 15 years as a Hollywood Club bouncer I can say its a FACT Rickson’s street defense does NOT
need to go to the ground. Jiu Jitsu is just as effective at finishing fights from the feet when called
I have defused 100s of Street Altercations with out needing to go to the ground.
All fights starts on the feet and you get to decide WHERE it goes from there…. IF you have the Jiu
Jitsu that will hold up under those circumstances. IF you don’t, you’re in trouble.
  • Self Defense Against Same Side Wrist Grab
  • Self Defense Against Same Side Wrist Grab Q&A
  • Self Defense Double Hand Wrist Grab
  • Self Defense Against Cross Grip
  • Self Defense Against Cross Grip Q&A
  • Grip Breaking The Lapel
  • Grip Break To Standing Armlock
  • Grip Break To Standing Armlock Q&A
  • Wrist Lock From Lapel Grab
  • Wrist Lock From Lapel Grab Q&A
  • Cross Grip Lapel Spinning Arm Lock
  • Cross Grip Lapel Spinning Arm Lock Q&A
  • Escape For Bent Over Grab Around The Chest
  • Escape For Bent Over Grab Around The Chest Q&A
5 Hidden Street Defense Mistakes That Will 
Get You Killed If You Get Picked On By The 
Wrong Opponent.
Rickson drilled 5 SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE concepts in to me all his students 
from day one. And, here they are.
   1) You have to have PROPER BASE if you are to do anything in fighting.
   2) You need to understand your BODY POSITIONING and ANGLES to have a solid 
   3) You have to be able to MOVE & TRANSITION while always being in base.
   4) You have to understand DISTANCE and SPACE.
   5) You have to know when to either TAKE AWAY space or CREATE space.

Without these 5 fundamentals
in place LONG before you fight… you’ve lost the fight before it ever
starts. Everyone is in a hurry to punch, kick, take down, etc…
It all begins and ends with these 5 fundamentals no matter what your weapon of choice is.
They are all SUPER SIMPLE concepts, the science and mechanics behind them is what 
really makes them work.

“Henry pretty much changed my view of the standing game. Knowing if the guy wants to come at you, just the way and how you deal with him and to deal with his distance, and stuff like that. For me it’s like a game changer.”

Guillaume – Brown Belt
  • Concept of Standing & Base
  • Concept of Standing & Base Q&A
  • Standing In Base Drills
  • Standing In Base Drills Q&A
  • George Foreman Defense For Clinching And Walking In Base
  • George Foreman Defense For Clinching And Walking In Base Q&A
  • Pummeling Drill In Base
  • Pummeling Drill In Base Q&A
  • Breaking Posture With Double Unders
  • The Leg Trip
  • The Leg Trip Q&A
Rickson Vs The Wrestlers
Back in the late 90s Fighting Started to change there was a NEW CROP of Big Strong Wrestlers 
starting to dominate. We are talking about the Pride days. Anything goes even ROIDS!
These Wrestlers were a much BIGGER THREAT to Jiu Jitsu fighters than any other style before. The goal was to lay inside the guard and punish the person on the bottom. This new style was coined GROUND & POUND it wasn’t that technical but it was
BRUTAL and it forced Jiu Jitsu to evolve.
Rickson, always focused on EFFECTIVENESS OF JIU-JITSU against any opponent, and 
was DETERMINED to master DISMANTLING top heavy GIANT Wrestlers both quickly and
At one time there was discussion of him fighting Mark Kerr, The BIGGEST & Baddest Wrestler.
When you are known as the EMBODIMENT of Jiu Jitsu, the BEST EVER, then you can’t just DEFEND. 
You have to step it up and CREATE new techniques that turn your opponents own 
STRENGTHS against them.
And, this is when the new level of Guillotine Submissions & Open Guard Concepts were developed 
by Rickson, as ANTI WRESTLER techniques.
Rickson wanted to prevent Big Strong Wrestlers from being comfortable inside the guard and doing damage at will.
“I watched Kron’s Guillotine 100 times from ADCC but I never could figure out how he finished it so quickly. Henry showed me two small details in 15 seconds and I was Mind Blown it had absolutely nothing to do with hand grips”

Adrian – Purple Belt
  • Guillotine Chokes
  • Guillotine Defense
  • Guillotine Defense Q&A
  • Freeing The Head
  • Freeing The Head Q&A
  • Guillotine Variation With Elbow Over
  • Guillotine Variation With Elbow Over Q&A
  • Guillotine Defense From Guard
  • Guillotine Defense From Guard Q&A
  • How To Use The Legs To Help Finish The Guillotine
“Never let your opponent be comfortable in any 
position. Even from the bottom.”- Rickson
It happensin a BLINK. There are 2 FLASH Seconds right before someone tries to pass openguard that’s TOTALLY INVISIBLE. You can’t see it because it’s a thought.
And, once you get this. You’ll never look at your guard the same way again. No one thinks or even knows about these 2 Seconds yet they determine everything.
Training with the MAN is like being in the Matrix and Morpheus kicks you down the Blue Pill.
In Jiu Jitsu I learned to THINK of in a certain way. And, I want to share it with you.
We had 138 years of combined Jiu Jitsu experience on the mat at Sub & Surf in Costa Rica and 
HONESTLY I wasn’t shocked NO ONE in our group understood this concept of Pre Guard not even 
the Black Belts. 
See youwouldn’t have to go but a couple kids down the “telephone” line to distort this SECRET in to something that doesn’t make any sense.
I only ever saw Rickson teach this once, back at the Original Pico Academy.
After that day I had to reevaluate and ask. What’s really GOING ON in every aspect of my Jiu Jitsu? 
 What’s really happening RIGHT NOW in every position?
At this years Camp I set out to share a lot of stuff I NEVER taught to ANYONE on the outside before. I wanted to give a behind the scenes look at what it was like to train with the man. And, share the TINY LITTLE things that are happening before passing even starts. 
Henry taught me instead of knowing lots and lots of positions or techniques, you can just shut down your opponent from the beginning of his movements.”

Dan – Purple Belt
  • Jiu Jitsu The Martial Art Explanation
  • Understanding Of Controlling Distance From Open Guard
  • More Details On Open Guard For Fighting
  • Circling The Ankles To Break The Grips
  • Circling The Ankles To Break The Grips Q&A
  • Breaking Grips On Inside Pant Ankle
GRAVITY is Your Friend Even When You’re On The 
Bottom. Use it to SUCK your OPPONENT down.
You’ll be thanking Sir Isaac Newton and ME once you get this 
Everyone thinks you have to be on top for Weight Distribution.
DEAD WRONG there’s actually a way to be on the bottom to transfer your weight DIRECTLY on to 
your opponent.
To be efficient in Jiu Jitsu, my opponent always needs to carry my weight, from EVERY position.
“The idea of weight distribution especially with in the open guard and making your opponent carry your weight. Which is a known principle in Jiu Jitsu but I never seen it being applied to open guard, it is pretty awesome!”

Greg – Purple Belt
  • Jiu Jitsu The Martial Art Explanation
  • Concept Element Needed To Sweep Or Get On Top
  • Breaking Grips Outside Pant Ankle
  • Breaking Grips Outside Pant Ankle Q&A
  • Breaking The Grips On Knees With Hands
  • Breaking The Grips On Knees With Hands Q&A
  • Explanation Of Not Allowing Grips From Guard Passing
  • Breaking Grips On Knees Without Hands
  • More Details On Open Guard For Fighting
  • Killing The Pass With Knee Shield Open Guard
  • Killing The Pass With Knee Shield Open Guard Q&A
  • Warm Up Crunching To The Side To Grab The Ankle
The day Rickson BROKE DOWN how he thinks about 
passing, my Jiu Jitsu became all about Improving my efficiency. That way of training is the key to training long 
term like Helio did in to his 90s.
Helio taught Rickson and Rickson REVOLUTIONIZED it to a whole another level. 
Everyone in the family knows that Rickson took Jiu Jitsu to a WHOLE OTHER 
Then he taught it to me. What I found training with Rickson, who is a physical 
specimen, is he never needed to use his athleticism to completely dominate and 
dismantle his opponents. 
Even when WORLD CHAMPIONS would drop in to train he could JUST RELAX, use 
his understanding of WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION to completely neutralize them and 
submit them almost effortlessly with just his PRESSURE.
“Henry really opened my eyes with the concept of using the absolute least amount of energy, but utilizing just a very small select group of fundamental techniques to be able to win or get an advantage of the opponent by… but at the same time using a very little amount of energy and not having to be a young guy or very strong athletic to be effective.”

Steve – Purple Belt
Once I saw the man smoosh a MULTI TIME WORLD CHAMP to submission over and over again.
And, he did it with just one position. SCARF HOLD, its not really used in Sport Jiu Jitsu much but it is 
THE BEST position to really learn and understand the hidden tricks and concepts to applying 
MASSIVE pressure from the top.
  • Intro To Scarf Hold
  • Scarf Hold Hand Weight Distribution
  • How To Use Your Legs To Increase Weight Distribution
  • How To Use Your Legs To Increase Weight Distribution Q&A
  • Adding More Pressure To Scarf Hold By Turning Your Knee
  • Bent Arm Lock Americana From Scarf Hold
  • Bent Arm Lock Americana From Scarf Hold Q&A
  • Straight Arm Lock From Scarf Hold
  • Straight Arm Lock From Scarf Hold Q&A
  • Kimura From Scarf Hold
  • Kimura From Scarf Hold Q&A
  • Kimura From Scarf Hold When Opponent Hugs And Grip Break From Hug
  • Kimura From Scarf Hold When Opponent Hugs And Grip Break From Hug Q&A
Getting SMOOSHED by Rickson is NEVER fun for anyone.
And, after getting smooshed,smashed, and wrecked DAILY for 15 years mastering how NOT to get 
smooshed became VERY IMPORTANT.
The standard techniques used to avoid getting smooshed that most people already know like 
staying on your side and framing. Frankly DON’T WORK when Rickson’s on top.
He is gonna FLATTEN You Out, He does it to EVERYONE.
After getting smooshed a million times, Rickson explained the concept of escaping to me.
He taught me how to CONNECT to my opponent based on hand position. And, use that position to PRY off the bottom to come up on top and ATTACK.
“Having broke my back getting laid out flat is a position if I got stuck in it, well I’d just have to let the guy mount or something to keep the game moving. Henry showing a way I could connect to the guy and not use any back strength at all to escape is gonna keep on the mat training a lot longer.”

Scott – Black Belt
  • Concept And Philosophy Of Dominant Position And Why Positional Training Is Important Q&A
  • Escape From Scarf Hold
  • Escape For Scarf Hold Q&A
Want to Ask Me Anything?
The last day of the Sub & Surf Costa Rica Camp was WIDE OPEN.
I knew after ALL the #MINDBLOWING content we covered over four days, 12 plus hours….The Q&A 
of this camp was goona BLOW MY MIND.
  • Attacking With The Cross Collar Choke
  • Explanation And Demonstration Of Guard Passing.
  • Guard Break From The Knees
  • Defense Against Hair Grabbing
  • What Separates Those Who Are Good From Those Who Are Great?
  • Breathing And Jiu Jits, what Rickson teaches?
  • How To Train With Your Students?
  • My Experience Teaching And Evolution As An Instructor.
  • Half Guard On Bottom
  • How to drill Creating Distance From Open Guard?
  • Strategies From Cross Side
  • What is proper Engaging To Pass Guard?
  • Grip Breaks And Taking The Arm For The Arm Lock
  • Why I Teach The Fundamentals.
  • Head And Arm From Turtle
  • What To Do Underneath The Sprawl?
  • New School Vs Old School Jiu Jitsu and Training?
  • How To Not Wasting Energy On The Grip?
  • Standing Shoulder Check To Take The Back
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I remember hearing Kyra Gracie recount a story…
“When I was really small, I remember having asked Renzo [Gracie]: ‘Uncle, is Rickson everything they say he is?’
“Here’s All You Really Need To Know About
Rickson Gracie And His Opinion Of Henry Akins…”
“I studied at Rickson’s under Henry for 3 years, and here’s all you need to know about Rickson’s opinion of Henry, the depth of his understating of Rickson’s game and his ability to TEACH ALL of the most closely guarded secret aspects of Rickson’s Jiu Jitsu… Rickson could have chosen anyone in the Gracie family or anyone in his academy to take on the task of teaching Jiu Jitsu to his youngest son Kron. In my over 15 years in Jiu Jitsu I’ve heard a lot of things directly from Rickson’s own black belts about Rickson’s Academy and what happened behind closed doors. And the fact is this… there was nobody Rickson trusted more to pass HIS Jiu Jitsu on to Kron than Henry Akins”
– Sean Patrick Flanery, Black Belt, Hollywood, California
        Some people call what I teach…
“fundamentals” Some call it
“Basic” But the truth is “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” is all about…
Getting back to basics where LEVERAGE and SMARTS beats athletic, gifted and chemically 
enhanced ALL of the time. It’s time for us to TAKE BACK OUR JIU JITSU.
And now that you’re here I’ll be sharing with you my 20 years of
experience that’s resulted directly from training full time in Los
Angeles, California with the man the late great Grandmaster Helio Gracie used to call 
“Urso” (the bear)… My Instructor… Rickson Gracie. The man regarded as “the greatest Jiu 
Jitsu fighter of all time”.
For much of my adult life I’ve had the unique and enviable experience few could ever 
dream of. I’ve been side by side with Rickson Gracie on the mat training with him, 
instructing for him, helping him prepare for fights, defending the honor of his academy, 
teaching one of his sons and training endless hours with the other. I’ve spent more hours 
inside of more closed door, back room training sessions led and run by Rickson than any 
human being alive. Its well known that Rockson was Rickson’s 
oldest son. What’s not as well known is that Rockson was one of my very best friends and 
NOBODY trained with Rockson more than I did. 
I have been allowed into an inner sanctum of Rickson Gracie’s that most people only 
wonder and debate about in mat side chats after practice and debate about his “myth vs 
legend” status in online forums.
Here are 7 Reasons WHY You Should Believe Me & Trust 
That What I Call “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” Is NOT The Jiu Jitsu You Nor Your Training Partners (And Possibly Even Your Instructors) Are Familiar With…
1) I’ve taken my training with Master Rickson DEAD SERIOUS from day one. The ONLY reason I left home and my mom 
and dad in Oklahoma with little more than the clothes on my back 19 years ago was to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu from THE 
MAN himself. 19 years later I STILL take the Jiu Jitsu I learned from him DEAD SERIOUS
2) It’s well known that Rickson did NOT give out black belts generously. It is and always has been one of the stingiest 
belt promoters in all of jiu jitsu. – I got my blue belt in 6 months. Faster than ANYONE under him EVER. – I got my 
purple belt in 2 years. Absolutley UNHEARD of for one of his students to advance to Purple Belt that quickly. – When 
he gave me my black belt NOBODY had received their black belt from Rickson FASTER than I did and to my knowledge that hasn’t changed
3) It’s well documented that Rockson was Rickson’s oldest son who tragically died in 2000… Rockson was one of my 
very best friends. I was his PRIMARY training partner. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him 
4) Coming up in jiu jitsu as one of Rockson’s best friends and with personal, direct & constant access to Rickson’s inner sanctum I can honestly say I’ve witnessed true “family secrets” that have NEVER been shared, exposed or discussed 
outside the family. NOW I’m sharing them with YOU.
5) I participated in and WON challenge matches even at WHITE belt, in Master RIckson’s academy fighting on his 
behalf and on the behalf of my teammates.
6) As a blue belt I was already running warm ups and assisting higher ranked instructors at his academy and did so 
until he moved back to Brazil. I officially taught as a lead instructor for him starting in 2000 as one of his Brown belts.
7)I personally witnessed him REGULARLY dismantling visiting world class black belts and world champions. All those 
stories you hear about this guy, that guy and all the stuff that went down behind closed doors… more often than not I 
was one of the FEW eyewitnesses.
 What I’m sharing with you will NOT be second hand. It’s FIRST hand. Saw it with my own 
eyes. Felt it with my own hands. And I’ve taught it and continue to teach it EVERYDAY for 
well over a decade.
Remember, “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” isn’t THEORY. It’s EXACTLY what Rickson taught to just a 
FEW of us. 
My love, appreciation and respect for the Gracie family knows no
And, I’ve yet to find someone who can explain to me IF there are
no secrets and IF the information is all out there then HOW can you explain how Kron his 
son is the ONLY black belt under Rickson to make a major splash at the highest levels of jiu 
jitsu? The short answer is “you can’t.”
Rickson’s core concept of DEFENSE was given to him by his father Helio. Helio’s entire 
]game was based around being able to avoid and escape ANY attack, in ANY position, from 
ANY opponent at ANY time. The ability to stay safe at all times in all positions was priority 
#1 and NOBODY embodied this principle better than Rickson. 
And when you see the details you’ll be #MINDBLOWN! Your training partners will shake 
their heads in frustration as you become completely UNSTOPPABLE with these “Hidden Jiu 
Jitsu” Systems & Strategies.
Talk Soon,
Henry Akins
Rickson Gracie Black Belt
Hidden Jiu-Jitsu - 2018 - Costa Rica